Sheriff’s Oath To Take Back The Constitution

Did you know that the Sheriff is the highest constitutional executive authority in the county? Very few people realize that the Sheriff has the legitimate authority to prevent federal agents from entering the county – or the power to throw them out once there.

One way we could offset the tyranny in America and the apparent disregard for the Constitution – particularly by certain alphabet agencies and our executive branch, is IF we had Sheriffs who applied their oath of office and their total extent of power towards those who would tear up our founding document…

How about this…

Constitutional Oath of Office

“I hereby do solemnly swear that I will support and defend this Constitution for the united States of America, against all enemies, foreign and domestic, so help me God”.

My Oath of Office will be to the original Constitution, to We the People, not to the Federal Corporation identified as the “United States”.

It’s about the Constitution.

The taking of the Oath of Office creates a Sacred duty, to Serve, Protect and Defend the Citizens against all threats, and criminal acts from whatever source they present themselves. This includes criminal acts on the part of corporations, banks, mortgage companies, judges, lawyers and all citizens. My Oath of Office will be to the Citizens, not to the corporation known as the “United States”.

The most important aspect of the Sheriff’s authority is that he is elected by, for, and of the people. He is not appointed, he is not a bureaucrat, he does not report to the county manager or the county commissioners. The Sheriff reports directly to the People and is answerable to them and them alone.

For the Sheriff to allow anyone or anything to violate the rights of his boss, We the People, is a dereliction of duty of the highest order. The Sheriff is an autonomous Peace Officer whose duty to the Citizens through the Constitution is his Supreme Duty and Responsibility. To Serve, Protect and to Defend.

The Sheriff is the sworn protector of the Citizens of the County. I will not shrink from any man, any corporation or any government that comes to steal from the Citizens. Even if the man shows up in a three-piece suit with a fancy attaché case, with a fancy badge and claiming to be from the Feds, I will stop him/her.

“…all executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the several states, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution”

-Article VI, paragraph 3

When we refer to the Preamble of the Constitution we find this statement,
“…do ordain and establish this Constitution for the united States of America”.

By slight of hand, this statement gets converted to,
“the Constitution of the United States”.

The term “United States” has a specific meaning.

Title 28, USC, section 3002, defines “United States” as a Federal corporation. So then all executive and judicial officers who take the oath to the “United States” are working for the corporation identified as the “United States”. They do not take an Oath to the original Constitution. By trickery and deceit, the government has converted all executive and judicial officers into corporate officers working for the corporate United States for the benefit of the corporation and not for the benefit of “We the People”.

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  1. Locally our Sheriff in Jones County , Mississippi , is a strong believer in the Constitution , as well as being a very Christian man . He has stated before that he will not enforce any Unconsttutional laws passed by the Feds , also he plans to stand against any Federal officers trying to enforce said laws . Our Governor is of the same fabric , as is most of both of the State Houses , we have a broad distrust of the federal government in our state . An example of how things are here , there is a democrat house member by the name of Omarria Scott from Laurel , Ms that has brought a bill up for the purchase of ammo , in the bill she wants ammo registered and background checks done on purchasers of ammo , the Governor along with the conservative members of both houses advise that this bill is dead on arrival ! That is how gun control is dealt with here ! Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

  2. If any want to know our Sheriffs name it is Alex Hodge , he also used to be a Ms Highway Patrolman before running for Sheriff ,he also has a lot of good folks working for him .BPAR . KYPD.

  3. Some Sheriff’s are willing to stand up. You can Google his letter to biden here

    PLACERVILLE, Calif. (KRNV & – El Dorado County Sheriff John D’Agostini penned a letter to Vice President Biden expressing his concern over proposed new gun laws. Sheriff D’Agostini writes to the Vice President, “The purpose of this letter is to go on record of re-affirming my oath of office and making it clear that I and my staff will never violate [our oath of office] by being pressured into enforcing any unconstitutional provision, law or executive order.”

    D’Agostini writes that banning guns would still leave guns in the hands of people “who have no respect for the rule of law.” He says California law enforcement continues to encounter people prohibited from owning guns that do have firearms. The Sheriff writes the problems with violent crime in the United States is not from firearms but “an issue of mental illness and antisocial behavior.”

    He continues to write, “If as much effort were expended in keeping criminals out of our communities and identifying and treating our mentally ill as are expended in the folly of gun control, the Nation would experience and immensely measurable decrease in violent crime.”

    Humboldt County Nevada Sheriff Ed Kilgore also recently sent a letter to Vice President Biden expressing similar beliefs.

  4. In the last 50 years the supreme court has heard 4 (i think) cases of federal officials against couny sherriffs.Both dealt with laws that were in conflict with state law or local.The supreme court has ruled in sherriffs favor every time.the last ruling stated a sherriff was the supreme law officer in relation to his elected district.

  5. if this is true, why doesn’t dethrone Obama. He certainly is in violation
    of the constitution with his crap.

  6. The sheriffs in Florida Charlotte County why they have complete power over all of us what can we do

  7. Yeah, sounds good. Except for the current Constitution isn’t the Organic one. By Organic I mean the Articles of Confederation, not the 1787 or 1871. Americans don’t understand what the federalists really did or the intentional trickery & deceit embedded in the Constitution itself, which was used to take all those wonderful notions that the Organic Constitution purported to give.

    The Sovereign Citizen type idiocy that floods the net is the kind of garbage that only adds to the confusion. They claim it was the 1871 Constitution or Treaty of Paris or Passage Act (they can’t decide) that ended freedoms, But it was the unauthorized amendments to the Articles of Confederation that created the new Constitution, drafted in secret at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia. The illegal formation of a new government (federal dictatorship) is what set the anti-federalists off. Patrick Henry was the most vocal about this treachery and was noted as saying, “I smelt a rat” when asked why he failed to attend.

    Without getting into too much details, here’s what Americans really need to know. The People which the Constitution refers to, are not Citizens. “We The People” of the Constitution refers to the State Legislators, or the State.

    If you doubt it, just think about the caption of a court summons. When a citizen violates the law, or code, they receive a ticket (charge) which constitutes an arrest. The State becomes the Plaintiffs, [sidenote–A citation is an arrest. infractions are not arrestable offenses, on crimes. In order to be released from custody you have to sign the ticket.(promise to appear) or go to jail.]

    The summons will read “The People (or State) vs Joe Citizen.” So how can you be the People? You can’t sue yourself. Think about that. Citizens vs People, in the Constitutional sense, are inherently different. But the trickery was intentional, This is one of the problems Patrick Henry had, The delegates unauthorized use of “We The People” instead of “We The State” in the Constitution. The People had nothing to do with it, yet the unauthorized amendments were done in their name. Ironically, his question of why not “We The State” goes to the heart of the deceit by government against the people.

    The federal government then was the same as today. They didn’t care about the People, only themselves. Take the notion of “a government of the people, for the people, and by the people,” and put in the context of reality. “a government of ourselves, for ourselves, and by ourselves” Suddenly it makes perfect sense. Everything was stolen from the sovereign people including the title “People.” Our land, property, gold, rights and freedoms… all taken by the People, for the People. Not the Citizens. The Constitution doesn’t apply to us and talking about rights & freedoms only exposes our ignorance.

    The Constitution itself is code for property of federal government (United States), stripped from the 50 States (United States of America). The oath under Article II,… to protect and defend the constitution, really means …to protect and defend the property of government.

    Exactly the things Patrick Henry was wary of… and Madison, Hamilton and Washington all told him not to worry about it!

    1. This all makes absolute sense. Do you possibly have any resources regarding your post? Thank you so much.

  8. I disagree about the preamble ” for” and the slight of hand “of” comment. The Preamble is a offer up to the people. Similar to a Christmas gift with a “For” card attached. After the acceptance process, ratification, the Constitution actually automatically became the Constitution “of” the United States. Just exactly like Art II § 1 cl 8 required the President Washington to to take the oath exactly as worded. April 30, 1789. The Constitution became the supreme law June 21, 1788 after New Hampshire was the 9th state. The Constitution became operational on March 4, 1789. Way before the Act of 1871.

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