Rights Are Those Which Do Not Require Society To Pay, Right?

Do you have a right to something which requires society to pay for it? It’s a philosophical question I suppose. But from a logical point of view, it seems to me that a right cannot really be called a right if someone else has to pay for it. It should be called something else instead.

I bring this up because there has been an awful lot of talk about RIGHTS from the new Left. It got me to thinking about the meaning and ramifications of the words that are being spoken.

I’m talking about all of these so called “rights” that the new Left claims that people have, or should have.

The big ones that come to mind are a right to free education. A right to free healthcare. A right to a “living wage”. There are more, but that’s enough for the sake of this discussion.

We do have rights as spelled out in the Constitution. When I run through them in my head, not one of them requires that society pay for it. They’re just, rights… freedoms if you will.

Why is it that these apparent new rights, as spelled out by the new Left, are those which require society to pay for them? If rights require money to be fulfilled, are they really rights?

The Constitution is Full of Rights

There are lots of rights and guarantees (and rules) spelled out in the Constitution. Some of them affect us as individuals more than others. Here are a few which you may (hopefully) know:

  • Freedom of religion, speech, press, to assemble, petition government
  • Right to bear arms
  • Free from unreasonable searches and seizures
  • Right against self-incrimination and double jeopardy
  • Due process
  • Right against taking without just compensation
  • Speedy and public trial
  • Right to counsel

In my view, the rights listed above really don’t require a burden on society to pay. Rather, they are, well, rights.

What About Rights That Cost Money?

Free education. For every American to have the right to a free education would require that society (we) pay for it. We already do, through our property taxes and other taxes. However they’re talking about adding “free” college too, as a right. But that right is not “free”.

Free healthcare. Same with healthcare. Many within the new Left are demanding government healthcare as a right. Not only would that not be free, but it would be astronomically expensive. “We” would still have to pay for it. That right is not “free”.

My point is that these are not rights in my view. Rather, they would be taxed benefits. “Programs” that would not exist without society paying for them. This is very different from the rights guaranteed to us in the Constitution.

Why doesn’t the new Left call it like it is? A taxed “program”. I wouldn’t even call it a benefit, because when government starts distributing (spending) other people’s money on other people, it’s grossly inefficient and expensive. Likely with inferior service and satisfaction than the private sector.

Oh wait… I know why they don’t call it that…

Because there now is a apparent tipping-point of dumbed-down people within society who lack even the most basic critical thinking skills to understand the reality of this. And/or those who themselves would likely not have to pay for this. To them, if you call it a “right”, they’ll cheer “Yay! Yay!” Gimme-dat!!

And the new Left knows that when there’s enough of them (the gimmie-dat’s), their power will be assured. They’ll get their votes. Forever.

Free Healthcare, Food, Housing

At the time of this writing there have been several debates among the current democrat presidential candidates. I have watched these debates for the amusement factor.

One thing I always say out loud when they begin proclaiming all the free stuff that we deserve… I say, “Why stop there?” If “free healthcare for all” is my right, then I say, I want free food too! Wait a minute… free housing – that should be my right too! Oh wait… that’s beginning to sound like jail… 😉

And that’s figuratively where you’d be with all that free $hit…

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  1. – It’s only called a right because the rest of us just get what’s left.
    – Papa S.

  2. I pay to have an organized protest in a city (“free” speech). I pay to carry a gun in state permits, state classes and attorney/insurance(2nd Right to bear arms). Even with my state going to constitutional carry I have to have these things to carry in other states.

    I pay for counsel and even with free counsel you will most likely pay court cost and/or fines and/or fees. (Right against self-incrimination and double jeopardy, Due process, Right against taking without just compensation, Speedy and public trial, Right to counsel). This doesn’t include my time, the inability to do overtime because I’m in court, lost wages etc.

    This doesn’t include what I’ve payed in blood and body wear over the years.

    I will/do pay. Nothing is free

  3. The whole demoncrat and socialist discussion of “Rights” with the intentional meaning being “Entitled to Free Stuff” is ludicrous and ignorant.

    Natural Rights have nothing to do with the government providing health care, education or Skittles.

  4. The Left’s psycho-babble is from their indoctrination at the Leftists’ public school and the agit-prop garbage they plug into 24/7/365. They have the right to be as dumb or ignorant as they want.

    Seriously, I am just so disgustingly sick of the repetitive nonsense that it’s getting difficult to even try to read any headlines or “news”. I know that 95% or more is coming from the Deep State or the NWO controllers/lobbyists/corporatocrats/politicial liars.

    Canned speech, propaganda, intentional provocation and agitation, Alinsky-warfare, attack on Constitutional rights….they’re ramping it up.
    PREPARE. (You have that right.)

  5. One has to love Margaret Thatcher ;

    “The trouble with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.”

    BUT the Communist in power in the US don’t care if they bankrupt You, Me, the Banks, the Government, as long as they stay in Power and Control.

    BTW, $22,570,000,000.oo National Debt, and the estimate will be another $70TRILLION to pay for the “Rights” Ken speaks of…..

    Ken speaks of the Dumbing of the People. he is 1000% correct. the Give-Me-Dats WILL destroy this Great Country without doubt.

    So what are you going to do about it?
    How are you going to “make it” if/when the .gov increases your taxes to 70% to pay for other’s “Rights”?
    How are you going to advance yourself if the Country goes 100% Communist/Socialist? Welcome to Venezuela …

    1. “So what are you going to do about it?”

      The only thing you can really do is opt out “going Galt” Now is the time to prepare, train, amass goods, property, logistics get ready to take care of your family and close friends well into the future once they figure out that they are screwed and need your help. You will be the one to guide them.

      Highly trained, intelligent people that will be on the same page as you will be your biggest asset. They may just need to face the harsh reality of Socialism before they come on-board and allow you to advise and guide them.

    2. NRP, ” they run out of other people’s money to spend “. Isn’t that the reason for the unfunded liabilities?

  6. Yet, those things that are supposed to be rights as named in the constitution are under constant attack from the left… and some of the so called right as well.

    Who is John Galt!

    1. This is my problem with “going Galt” . If good men, hide from the coming fight, the Left wins and they then “pick off” one by one Preppers in the hideout holes, like shooting timid little bunnies.

      ” All it takes for Evil to Triumph is for good men to do nothing”.

      1. Survival is Key. In order for a proper “Reset” We would have to remove/purge 10’s of millions of “gimme dats” from our society. The only way this could logically happen is an EMP on Mainland US. with a 80-90% kill off rate.

        I am willing to fight and defend for what’s mine… I am not sure how you go about resetting the current socialist path this country is heading for???? Changing of hearts and minds will only come when the people are starving and desperate. As long as they are fat and happy lots of bread and circus we are on a downward spiral.

        I think somebody said it here when Rome fell… the Romans did not disappear and vanish. They just reset to a different society. I believe those who were intelligent, prepared and self sufficient survived.

        1. It is my view that the U.S. is being destabilized in a number of ways. In flow of drugs, illegal’s, massive spending, violent political movements, sanctuary cities, conspiracy theories, Libertarian politics, etc. The goal is to push the country into a civil war and then a break up into 3-4 smaller countries. As a loyal American and Vietnam Vet, I will stand by the Constitution in all possible ways. Yes survival is key, not personal survival but Survival of the United States. …..so help me God!

          1. Yea,,
            Well mr Connor,
            half of the FUSA voted for hillery,
            And now scream and yell every obsenity in the book at guys like me,,, on top of thinking its ok to shut down my free speech and my right to bare arms, and my rite to not be subject to illegal search and seisure.
            So ill sit back nice n quiet like, with my pop and some chips and watch it burn.
            The problem with wanting to save the FUSA, is you got to have people willing to save it for those turds who steal our hard earned income and their friends i mentioned above as well as the “good men”
            When i see other good guys stand up, ill think about it,
            Till then,
            Who is John Galt!

          1. Really? I thought Italy moved to the euro in 1999 and stopped using the lira altogether in 2011?

      2. Evil’s triumph entails its destruction.

        Reality does not care if one is evil, or good….just if one is Rational, or not.

        Evil, by its very definition, is Irrational, and always involves a failure to identify Reality for what it is, or to ignore it entirely. If one ignores Reality, or fails to identify it, or tries to wipe out Reality with the power of their imagination, Reality, in turn…simply wipes one out, removing one from existence. Basically, Evil is directly associated with death, as this is its primary value.

        How does one know if a political philosophy is evil? Count the bodies.

  7. The “Rights” espoused by the Communistic Left are based on lies and enforced by violence. When “the people” find out that the promises of a perfect society are lies, then to hold power The Left has to use violent force. i.e. Soviet Union, China, Cambodia, Cuba, Venezuela, and so on.

    Thus the rise of Antifa here in the U.S.

  8. “Free” housing, healthcare, food, etc. is not a new concept. Heck, it’s been a practice world wide since recorded history.

    It went by many names, in many cultures. It’s been called prison, slavery, involuntary servitude, etc. In the animal world, we call in stock farming, ranching, hog raising, raising chickens. Of course, those living in these utopian enclaves have to give up a few things to enjoy all this free stuff………………………………………but, there’s always a new crop of “enlightened, educated” folks who see the wisdom in these promises. How else can you explain the existence of the democrat party? But, then, why do they call it a “party” when everyone there seems to be p*ssed off all the time?

    Oh well. Something to ponder while I chow down on the food I bought with my own money, while I rest up from my trip to the doctor who I paid for her services, in my home I paid for and built myself. Then I may go back to the range and exercise my second amendment right to keep and bear arms, so I can prevent my right to make my own choices from being wrested from me by would be slave masters who have deceived weak minded people into believing their lies.


  9. I am absolutely shocked how many people I know are buying into the lefts’ agenda now. People that I once believed would never let their rights be taken by the government (or anyone). They are completely on board with taking guns away, suppressing free speech, etc. Our (ahem) ‘circle’ has shrunk considerably. We are quietly just going about our business these days. Had a moderate to poor garden harvest due to flooding and rains, but learned a lot this year. Many other things flourished with the rains. Tons of berries this year, and the fruit trees really produced. I will garden only what we eat and want to put by for the winter. (And loved rereading “The Resilient Gardener” again. Wise words in that book). But as I see friends and neighbors getting on the liberal and socialist bandwagon I am also shocked that they believe these policies will NOT affect them. Oh no. Not them at all. One friend told me she hoped the rich get taxed at 70%. I asked her, “And when the rich leave the U.S., then what? Who pays? Who will pay to keep the lefts’ agenda going and the free everything they are going to give away?” I am stunned at peoples’ thinking these days. They are truly believing the lies and promises.

    Now that the left is more honest with their agenda, and the mid-east is firing up again; I agree with White Cracker to get ready as best you can and be prepared to take care of your family. And be the grey man……..

    Blessings to all.

    1. DJ5280

      If you really think about it, it should be no surprise that with each generation, more and more Americans are buying into the left’s whacko agenda.

      We The People have allowed and mostly encouraged the Department of Education. No one ever runs for office on the platform of reducing money for schools do they?

      Hence the government owns our children and we are going on multiple generations of young people being indoctrinated into accepting the evils that the government spouts.

      The Family has broken down, arguably caused in part by the government and social programs, hence Fathers are not present especially in the black and hispanic communities…and growing in every sector of the US. Without an intact family, it is waaaaay to easy for many people to “give up” their children to the government.

      Also, two working parents leaves little time for the parents to “de-program” the children, again, leading to government brain-washed kids…generation after generation.

      Very sad.

      My advice to young people; Do not get married until you have a job and have at least graduated high school. Do not have a child out of wedlock. Make good choices and do not divorce so easily, stay at home mom’s and working dad’s are the best remedy for a lot of what plagues our society today. Take your kids out of public school.

      And if you are too stupid to listen, then please get a vasectomy and a tubal ligation.!


      1. Wise words, Slippy. We’ve lost the last generation completely to the leftists’ agenda, I believe. Here we are with the next Grand Solar Minimum bearing down on us and I keep hearing crazies out there still spouting “Global Warming!” Ooops…I mean “Climate Change!” What was it this week? Miami will be gone in like, three years? Egads, I think the USA is doomed and we are beyond the tipping point. I’m just still not sure if it will be a slow slide or a fast crash for the country. As far as civil war or defending our rights I believe the fights will be more local than national. Perhaps some will be regional. Hm. Just a guess on my part.

        A far as education, I’m so glad our kids were not educated in public schools (catholic for us), and so far my grandchildren are in private schools in their state. Our kids see the dangers of public schools and hope to never hand them over to the ‘state.”

    2. The rich never pay for political shenanigans–it’s always the middle and lower classes. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Yes, the rich leave. They protect their assets offshore. They protect their assets in trusts. They make political contributions in exchange for immunity.

      Your friend will probably be one of the first affected, not the last.

      1. Lauren,
        And when it happens to my friends….well, they will all still be blaming Trump LOL!

        1. I thought it negatively entertaining that after 8 years of O they were still blaming Bush for the problems created while O was in office. If you won’t listen, you can’t hear.

      2. Lauren,

        The top earners in the US pay the VAST majority of income tax in the US. It is a fact that the top 50% of earners pay 97% of all taxes. The bottom half of earners only pay 3% of taxes. And in 2016 45% of Americans paid ZERO income tax.

        Protecting one’s assets in a Trust is not just for the rich. Anyone can set up a perfectly legal living trust that protect assets from probate and hence government confiscation.

        Back to individual rights and the misconception that exists, isn’t it an infringement on our “equal rights” to have a “proggressive income tax system” where the more you make, the more you are taxed? Equal Rights should also mean Equal Taxes.

        1. I would like to clarify a statement made by Skippy:
          ” Anyone can set up a perfectly legal living trust that protect assets from probate and hence government confiscation.”

          Yes and No. A Living Trust comes in a few flavors, and while they provide some privacy because Trusts do not need to be filed in Court, only assets that are naed in a Trust are exempt from Probate.

          Also, A Living Trust does NOT protect against ‘government confiscation’. Only the items (real or personal property) that are named/deeded/listed can be ‘placed’ (these are only via documentation) in the Trust — those are the items that are saved from Probate Court (where assessments and taxation occurs). Individuals’ personal and real properties are not safe from government confiscation, and if there is a bankruptcy issue with the Trust, there are specific requirements set forth in the UTC laws regarding bankruptcy from a Trust. (That issue can be researched through the DOJ’s US Trustee Program.)

          People who decide to draw up a Trust generally have an Estate Plan which consists of these: a Revocable Trust, a Will (or a Pour-over Will), a Medical Directive, and a Power of Attorney assigned (or a Durable Power of Attorney which I would never recommend — a basic POA is what most would want/need unless there is an incapacity issue). The Will must go to the Probate Court — that’s a longer process, is public knowledge w/ recordation, and then taxation. Conversely, the Trust is settled via the Trustee(s) and never is filed in Court. Real property (a home) is generally re-deeded into the Trust prior to the death of the individual (the original Trustee).

          1. Thanks Modern Throwback, that was a very informative summary.

            Please note in my original post, my comment about “government confiscation” was merely a play on potential Probate assessment and then taxation. Taxation to me is government confiscation under the threat of incarceration.

            What you pointed out about Bankruptcy within the trust is certainly a separate issue that often will result in a judge order.

            And you don’t have to be wealthy to have a Living Trust.

            But very informative, Thank you!

          2. Tax men come from a variety of places, so while a Revocable Trust can dodge the Probate/Inheritance tax, it does not protect against property taxes filed by the local jurisdiction.

            A basic Trust (ie Living Trust, Revocable) is often part of the set of Estate documents — it’s not inexpensive and it’s not as easy to formulate as a basic Will. It has taken us a full year to finalize our Estate documents and countless hours to work through. For us — it’s worth it. Costs are quoted up-front and if someone is interested in doing this, please use an attorney who understands Estate law!

        2. What do YOU consider rich? Most of that 50% are by no means wealthy. When “median personal income” is less than 50,000, that means that 50% are making MORE than that. Middle class is considered up to $200,000 last I checked, although that might have changed. The non-middle-class RICH, by that standard, are those making an annual salary/income of more than $200,000. Yes, most taxes are paid by those making between 50k and 200k per year. The vast majority of your 97% make less than 100k per year.

          I stated “The rich never pay for political shenanigans–it’s always the middle and lower classes. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Yes, the rich leave. They protect their assets offshore. They protect their assets in trusts. They make political contributions in exchange for immunity.” The rich in this scenario make up only a small percentage of the population.

          The rich NEVER pay for political shenanigans. They have connections, they know when to get out, they have money to pay off politicians and guerrilla lawyer accountants to find the loopholes. They will not pay. The middle class and lower classes pay.

          1. Lauren,

            Please don’t fall for the “Class Warfare” divide that the socialists try and create.

            The more you make in the US, the more you are taxed.

            The best system would be a tax system where everybody paid the same. 1 page tax return, no deductions no nothing.

            Teach government to budget.

          2. Lauren, and let’s not forget that a number of “the rich” are, or have been, involved in corrupt business arrangements and/or CRIME.

            The Clintons are a perfect example of corruption and crimes, and many of their cohorts, along with members/donors of The Clinton Foundation are too.

          3. It’s not a class warfare divide. Simple facts and numbers. You choose.

  10. To me the scariest part of all of this is how widely popular these concepts are becoming among both the Dem candidates and those who support them. People have always leached off of the hard working middle class but it seems to be spreading like a disease. Even when Obama was running for the Dem nomination you didn’t see every major candidate spouting these socialist views to this extreme. Honestly I don’t know what will more quickly lead to a SHTF scenario quicker…if someone from the far left is nominated, or if half this country is completely triggered following a Trump re-election…only time will tell I suppose.

    1. I hear what you are saying rb308

      It is my prayer that one day we will eliminate most of the Federal Government and we wouldn’t have people leaching off the taxpayers.

      The administrations of Woodrow Wilson, FDR, Carter, (even Reagan) The Bush’s, Clinton and Obama grew government at alarming rates causing the “leach” factor to be at the crazy levels that it is currently.

      And with the increased size of government comes the eventual erosion of rights… The larger the government, the more regulations, the more taxes and the less liberty and thus Rights. FUBAR just damn FUBAR

      1. Slippy, you’re slipping.
        Since FDR’s New Deal, we are living the financial nightmare of Lyndon Baines Johnson’s Leftist agenda….the #1 warrior for The War on Poverty in 1964 who gave us the Great Society agenda and 40+ welfare programs.

        LBJ’s Great Society gave us Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, Head Start, the big Federal injection into our educational system, Natl Endowment for the Arts and Humanities, urban redevelopment.

        Yes We Can…be communists, and the poverty rate has really not changed at all.

        1. Modern Throwback

          HA! You got me on forgetting LBJ, I guess my brain erased the socialist bastard from my mind! 🙂

  11. Scary part is….
    It’s becoming a society of, We (someone) will pay no matter what.
    In order for us to keep our basic Constitutional Rights, there will come a day, us individuals, will have to ‘pay’ with our Lives, not just by way of money.

    Until then, I guess I’ll just ride it out and enjoy all this free $hit, us common folk ain’t receiving.

  12. “what are you going to do about it”?

    The train called socialism is coming right at us and there is nothing we can do to stop it. You have heard it before, when people can vote themselves free shit, … it makes a country of lazy gimedats.

    The answer is, when the tipping point is reached, the producers cut back, the trucks stop running, the riots increase, run-away inflation … people start dying. Even martial law and Fema will not be enough to stabilize the country.

    The trigger has already be pulled. See all the major cities in financial trouble with decay and violence spreading – just a matter of a few years perhaps until the tsunami engulfs the rest of the country.

    There once was a solution. War was a great economic boost and young patriots eagerly ran off to war in defence of a corrupt government – not any more. Secondly, civil war determined which way the country would go, but not enough people will get off the couch now and stand for the Constitution.

    So, what are you going to do? Ride it out as best you can and hope you and yours survive.

    1. hermit us
      I’m NOT running you down here. We are fellow MSB Patriots.

      Go ahead and stand up to this Gov’t, and you won’t believe what happens next, even as it is happening.

      Don’t ask how I know, just look at Ruby Ridge, Waco, Joe Robertson, Silver mine, Bunkerville, Malheur, and last but not least Portland Oregon’s ANTIFA.

      1. Stand my Ground
        Yes, it would take a ground swell of millions to change the direction of government – won’t happen. Right now it appears we are at about 40% Constitutionalists, about 40% socialist wanting to take away our rights, and the remainder somewhere in between.
        We will have to let nature take it’s course and weed out much of the population. I don’t think we can sway it either way.

        1. Hermit,
          That fourth turning is far far beyond our control,
          Best to be at peace with our/your maker and embrace the suck

      2. Stand
        I can’t agree with you more, but
        Us Patriots have not begun to fight…. FULLY….
        for what we stand for….
        Sad to say it will take a severe beating….
        And that is what they expect…..
        Point thy finger, to us evil doers.

      3. Thats why Bracken refers to it as the FUSA my friend, because it WAS Formerly the USA
        It aint any more.

  13. “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”

    Adolph Hitler

    The average US citizen is too ignorant to understand the difference between a Constitutional Right and a political agenda item. The left has capitalized on their constituents stupidity and they tell them the lies every election cycle and the ignorant masses believe them. You will never educate those that do not want to be educated and more and more are happy to become government slaves as long as “Massa” promises free stuff.

  14. “A man’s rights rest in three boxes. The ballot-box, the jury-box, and the cartridge-box.”
    Frederick Douglass

  15. THERE IS no such thing as free education or health care SOMEONE MUST PAY FOR IT as for the little turds that whine about it i cant wait until they hit the real world they will be curled up in little balls screaming for mama and die

  16. One has the same Rights alone on a desert island, as they do in downtown Boston. If one requires the property of another to achieve an innate Right, what they propose as a Right, cannot ever be so.

    There is never going to be a RIGHT to enslave another. There is never going to be a Right, which requires the sacrifice of another. There is never going to be a Right, to anything, but only to courses of ACTION.

    You do not have a Right to a car. You have the Right to act in such a manner as to achieve the legal ownership of a car. You do not have a Right to a job. You have the Right to accept a job, if it is freely offered to you, and the Right to work for yourself. You do not have a Right to the labor and talents of another, such as a Doctor, or a Mechanic. You have only the Right to freely engage labor and talent seeking an agreement for their beneficial services on your behalf. (Your inability to reach an agreement, is not a violation of your Rights.)

    You have a Right to ACT. You do not have a Right to GET. You do not have a Right to defy Reality and still achieve SUCCESS. But, you DO have a Right to what your ACTIONS produce, and what you exchange those actions FOR.

    You have the Right to own the property you legally obtain through your actions, or to accept property given to you, by another. You do not have a Right to the property of another, who does not wish to dispose of it.

    The Socialist attacks our legitimate Rights, by inflating them with fictitious Rights, and with “Rights to THINGS.” They do this to confuse the simple and to de-value our actual Rights…so they can be eventually removed from us.

    Socialists are either evil, or are those following these evil people out of ignorance and deliberate misinformation, and a mutilated intellect.

    1. Do you have the right to the labor and talents of a lawyer and representation if you cannot afford one? The right to liberty is enshrined in the construction. Do you have the right to a doctor and medical services if you cannot afford it? The right to life is not so enshrined.

      1. If the Government is providing a lawyer to you at their expense, you may accept this gift. If you do not want the Government lawyer, you have the Right to get your own lawyer at your own expense…or to not obtain a lawyer at all. So, there is no contradiction to embrace.

        Liberty is the over-arching term for the right to take those actions required to nurture, secure and maintain your ownership of your life. You only have a Right to try to convince a Doctor to become interested in being of service to you. If you cannot afford medical services, you have the Right to accept such services if they are offered to you.

        You may own your own life. But, you cannot own some one else’s life, skills, labor, or intellect..this includes all Doctors and everyone in the medical services. If people freely organize themselves to provide medical services to the poverty stricken, you may seek them out and, if they accept you, benefit from their medical gifts.

        All our actual Rights..and all our Liberties…are, in fact…only so..because they allow one to own their life…and to prevent any government from doing so.

  17. MT, sounds like you are well versed in the economics of wills and such. Would you care to elaborate? Some how or another our will has been misplaced and we are procrastinating on a new one. The lawyer who prepared our last one has been impossible to connect with. Few attorneys in the area who are doing this and we would prefer to have one likely to be around when we pass. Most are older than us.

    In truth I’ve been preparing for the end of life as we know it from the late1970s and have not seen it happen yet (unless it is death by a thousand cuts). The will we have names my stepson as receiving half of our assets and my stepdaughter as excluded due to her marriage to a bad guy. I’ve elaborated on him in the past. Situations have reversed. Now the stepson is married to trailer trash. She will not inherit by proxy. The step daughter has divorced the deadbeat.

    We do need to get this fixed. My wife’s recent bout with lung cancer has brought home the finality of life. She has completed the chemo after the surgery but has developed a blood clot in her right lower leg. Apparently there is an increased possibility of this happening while on chemo. The concern on this is parts of the clot can break off and travel up the vein into the lungs. This too has occurred. The good new is that the clots were small and have not seriously impaired her. She will have to be on anticoagulants for the next three to six months.

    Life can be a bitch but in most cases is preferable to the other option.

    1. Please bring this off-topic discussion over to the open forum where it will be better served. Thank you.

  18. If something is a right it can not be denied. If a right requires the services of another person then that person is a slave. If an education is a right then every teacher and professor is a slave to the gov. The same with every Dr. and nurse if health care is a right. So if the Dr. and nurse are a slave and I require there services and the government pays for it then that makes me a slave as well. If housing is a right then why does it cost me $1000 per year in property tax to live in a house that is paid off? We lost our freedom a long time ago and most people have not even noticed.

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