The Further A Society Drifts From The Truth…

“The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it.”
-George Orwell

What do you think of this quote from George Orwell?

Is this happening before our eyes? Is truth now considered ‘hate’ by some (or by many)?

If yes, then why is that?
I’m not going to write 500 words on this, but having come across this quote today I felt compelled to throw it out there for discussion. It certainly applies to the times we’re living in…

Civil discourse is not something that is seen too much these days in the realm of politics, philosophical differences in life’s outlook, etc..

One wonders why society has devolved to this extent and why differences have become so ‘sharp’ such that truth is often considered something else. Is it because many truths have been hidden from view for so long, some having been been twisted into untruths?

I also read today that 40% of Americans say that at least one personal relationship has been badly affected by this past election, further signaling great divides among us.

Your thoughts on the quote, or related subject?
Causes? Effects? Future?

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We live in a time that you cannot believe anything you see, hear or read from a lot of news sights. They make up the news that they want the people to hear. Someone forgot to tell them to just report what is true. The people need to hold them to a higher standard.

@ running bear

One must remember the news media are in the business for the $$$$$$ NOT the truth. The more “flashy” the reporter or elaborate the story they tell the more sheeple watch the crap they tell, hence more $$$$$$.


PS; how can one hold them to a higher standard when most of the leaders of the country are the biggest liars?

“It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.” ― Mark Twain

It’s kind of obvious how the sharp divide has been created. The media and others who hold influence and power have done their absolute best to try and create this “divide” simply by smearing everyone that they do not agree with and doing everything to push their own political agenda as truth and morally correct. Because of this, they have separated everyone into either far left or far right (which of course, isn’t accurate), and anyone on the far right is a bigot, homophobe, racist, etc, etc.

The scary part of this is that many people straight up buy into it, especially many misled people my age. The people who do not want to accept that they are wrong simply stay where they are because they truly believe that they are right. It doesn’t matter whether it’s true or not. What you then get is the two “sides” that then both believe that they are in the right and are at each other’s throats because the other side will not budge.

Now, the only problem is that, well, it seems to me that one side truly is right after looking into it. The far left is engaging in censorship, violence, corruption, as well as trying to strip away personal freedom and many other terrible things, and that in and of itself is wrong–the problem is that the far left refuses to examine themselves because they so desperately believe that they are in the right.

I’ve been told over and over that the ends justify the means. But let the other side do exactly the same things and they’re vilified, hounded, hated, sometimes because the expected END is different and sometimes because it’s the OTHER.

People who buy into this seldom look to the future or the past–the present is everything. They need to look at other cultures that have gone the same way. Look at the probable consequences of the actions, then decide. Most often the ends don’t justify the means if you look beyond the moment.

In a Rational Society…the means and the end are identical.

If you say “There is no such thing as Trans-gender because it is biologically impossible for a human being to change gender.” will you be hated?

Ok, I started my 2500 word dissertation, and decided to not post it for lack of disk space on Ken’s computer server.

I MUST say that for many the truth is what they “believe” it to be, in all reality it can be quite the opposite.
Ask 10 people that just witnessed an auto accident, you will get 10 different scenarios. But for all 10 the account they stated is the truth.

Directly to the article quote; honestly in these days, where can you find the truth? The News? .gov? Internet? TV? None of the above? Whom do you “trust” to give you the truth?

Additionally for some it is exactly what they want to “feel” not the truth they are seeking; plus as some other famous quote… “you can’t handle the truth”… probably true.

I believe that is the reason some wary so far from the truth and truly cannot handle the truth unless it can be massaged to conforms to their own beliefs.

For a LOT it’s just as easy to believe an all-out lie, than to deal with the truth.

SO YES, society in general does not want the truth, and when they hear it is not what they need/want to hear so they “hate” the truth and those that speak it.


Life is hard; it’s even harder if you’re stupid. JOHN WAYNE

MOJO, good chuckle out of that one, thanks.

After a couple of conversations with a friend I can say that she feels anything Trump says is a lie, unconstitutional etc. and there is no truth to any alt media news. I’m mid 60’s, she is mid 40’s and both native left coast. You can see and feel the anger all over her. It was all fine and good when the liberals were in charge if she were younger I believe that she would be out there protesting not to sure about rioting though.

I remember when letting illegals get a driver’s license was on the ballot. She was all for it and I was adamant against it. I could see the eye roll….

The problem that we have here is that there are others on the same page but a different side. I know people that felt the same way about Obama. No mater what he said it was a lie. All politicians lie and that is a fact but all politicians also at times speak the truth. People believe what runs in their own beliefs not what is true. Most people do not want to confuse what they believe with facts,

It is (unfortunately) common for people to ‘only’ look for validation and support of their own viewpoints. I said ‘only’ because that is when it can get dangerous. This is where open-mindedness and rational thought come into play. Very few people (it seems) will ever engage in open-minded discussion. Instead they push their viewpoint on others rather than engage in critical thinking dialogue (which is apparently not taught anymore). As our society decays further (which it certainly is) we will devolve further into the abyss. Where will it end? We shall see, but I have a few ideas…

George Orwell was very observant if not prophetic.

The ability to even discuss a differing opinion today with another seems to trigger an emotional response of anger and judgement passed before a point can even be made.

College campuses have shut down free speech with the full support of it’s leadership. When a person has been programed and I mean programed to think and resonate from a very small box, the ability to understand or even sympathize with a new idea or concept let alone another human being is impossible. Punishment and reward type of thinking created by our society, culture, and leadership has destroyed freedom of thought,constructive thinking and expression. The only response from a limited programed life is to dehumanize and attack both verbally and physically a perceived opponent.

We are defiantly living in interesting times…

Frightening is the fact that this programming is occurring from a very young age.
In my country primary school students are being taught “gender studies”, “racial discrimination studies” “personnel rights” “equal opportunity studies”.

One wonders when their is time to actually study academic subjects.

I live next to a very large girls school with students from pre-school through to university entrance. From the start of this school year, the youngest children now need to wear HiViz clothes when out on the playground.


what is

“HiViz clothes”

and why? is this mandated?

Stands for high visibility and usually used by people who work in dangerous environments where being seen is a priority. Bright colors (usually yellows and oranges) and often includes safety aspects like built-in safety vests and such.

Think road construction workers or police vests when directing traffic.

The truth does not fear examination. Explains a lot on how many groups and people respond to any differing opinion!


thanks to all for reply, but , sorry, maybe I missed a joke?

“now need to wear HiViz clothes when out on the playground.”

understood the high vis re visability,
but wondering

“why on the playground”

or are the kids playing outside the schoolyard?

again, maybe I just missed a “joke”?

Hate is interesting. Unlike other reactions, it feeds on itself. It’s a perpetual motion machine that doesn’t need anything but a catalyst.

Lies and hate go hand in hand. If someone stood up and told the unvarnished truth, unsullied by half-truths and evasions, people would be shocked. It isn’t the truth they hate, but the fact that the truth shows them to be less than honest themselves.

Which actually says a lot about the people who are willing to destroy life-long relationships because someone has a different opinion.

@ lauren

“Hate is interesting. Unlike other reactions, it feeds on itself. It’s a perpetual motion machine that doesn’t need anything but a catalyst.”

Replace hate with love. Same. Emotions are in a separate category from reason, like fire and water.

Just keeping my nose to the grindstone, gathering, stacking, doing my gray man prepper thing and waiting. The truth dosn’t exist outside my family. Orwell was right on.


Your emotions are spawned by the values you have adopted, whether these values are rational, or not, and whether they are consciously realized, or not. If your values are irrational, so too…will be your emotions. If you do not know WHY you feel as you do…what you feel is irrational, until you do.

People are being emotionally programed, not rationally informed. An emotional argument is much more powerful than a logically justified one, as most people have not been trained to understand the difference. People have not been taught to ignore the purely arbitrary claim out of hand. Instead, people have been conditioned to equate the arbitrary and the rational, as being of equal weight.

“Invisible, blue, Snorfs, living under rocks on Mars, are responsible for all human sexual activity.”

“The Earth’s climate was hotter 4,000 years ago, than it is now, even though Mankind contributed nothing to upper atmospheric CO2.”

How one goes about evaluating the above two statements indicates a
person’s intellectual ability to effectively fathom Reality.

Most people are simply irrational, emotionally driven, and conditioned to reject Logical argument, if it contradicts their emotional state.

Fahrenheit 451 will follow 1984. From what I understand we are starting to burn regulations and I believe they can be viewed in a book format. I wonder if we will be told what regulations are going to be burned, I mean “undone”?
I’m sure we will see some bad ones go and I’m equally sure we will see some good ones go.

In the EO Thumper said that for every NEW regulation two OLD regulations need to be slated for retirement. It could have a number of different effects–the departments in question could simply stop issuing new regulations. They could slate for retirement those regulations that give them the least revenue and cost the most to implement. They could actually follow the intent of the EO and get rid of those that are most outdated or never applied.

It also applied specifically to the executive branch, so in essence it applies to every department/agency that wasn’t set up by constitutional means. I can see some real possible wins here.

Agreed, could be some real possible wins. On the other hand though, could be some really horrible losses too.

After the constitutional and social losses of the last 8 years, I’m willing to give “new and untried” a chance.

I am curious Lauren. From reading your posts you see to be an intelligent and rational thinking person. Why do you feel the need to return to middle school playground antics and make fun of a persons name? Not trying to start a fight I just have never understood why people do that. As a rational person myself I always put less credence on any comment that starts that way.

I started calling him Thumper (Thumper from Bambi, always wanting to attract attention) during the campaign and it became a habit. I probably need to fix that. 🙂

“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

George Orwell

Although the quote above is attributed to George Orwell, he certainly did not invent the concept. Anyone with an open mind who has read enough history, will eventually come to the same conclusion.

What exactly is the truth? Well, it’s whatever the king says it is. If you believe otherwise then it is probably best if you keep your mouth shut and go on about your life while at the same time preparing for the day the king discovers you don’t believe his BS anymore and decides to come after you. Am I suggesting to just lay down and believe all the lies and do the kings bidding? No… I am not. But, considering that over the last several thousand years, probably hundreds of millions of innocent people who didn’t believe the lies have died, directly as a result of the lies that were twisted into a false truth in the mainstream of the time. It’s the same today. If you call out the liar in public thinking it will shame him into accepting your truth (whatever that is), he will simply tell more bigger outrageous lies and keep on telling lies and the ignorant masses will probably do the kings bidding and they will come after you.

But, when you discover how to differentiate between the lies and truth, consider yourself lucky and count your blessings, then live a lifestyle based on the truth and prepare to fight when the lies come to your front door. There is really nothing you can do about the lies or the liars except to not believe them and move on with your own life of truth.

That’s just my 2 cents.

@ CrabbeNebulae

Very well said…. “There is really nothing you can do about the lies or the liars except to not believe them and move on with your own life of truth.”


“But, when you discover how to differentiate between the lies and truth, consider yourself lucky and count your blessings, then live a lifestyle based on the truth and prepare to fight when the lies come to your front door.” Funny NRP quoted the other half of the paragraph. The first part is what really hit me. I was going to repost it and then saw NRP reposted the other half. The above quote is the red or blue pill of the Matrix.

“In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king”


The Psych manipulation going on is platinum grade. Sinister machinations by evil people standing in the shadows. Disinformation and misinformation fueling people’s fears and anger. Hard to tell fact from fiction. Dangerous times indeed.. It’s no secret that I am dealing with all situations from the SHTF standpoint. I would suggest you raise your threat level up a notch or two. It’s never good to go from level white to level black instantly.
I have been reading Dr.Seuss books to my Grandkidsfrom my personal library.
I read them the “Sneetches “story and it reminds me what is going on right now.
Read it if you get a chance…it had kind of a happy ending. Not quite sure if our story will though. Just my 2 cents…

If the pillars of a free society, faith (religion), virtue (morality), and knowledge are firmly anchored to the bedrock foundation of truth, then that society shall endure. Corruption is the bane of society, and truth is the antithesis of corruption. Men loved darkness rather than light because their deeds were evil. But, ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free! In short, know truth know freedom, no truth no freedom. Jesus said that they hated him without a cause.

After watching Orwell movie 1984 based off his book, I believe he meant Truth is the Belief in JESUS/God. Many people who are of religious belief will be executed seen as Martyrs …or he could be talking about the NEW WORLD ORDER aka Illuminati

I believe it will all start to blow when the weather gets warm and people can congregate easily, when the hot late summer hits tempers will be even shorter, that to me is the most dangerous time. If the pace of change remains rapid, the the tension will continue to, until someone’s internal spring snaps.

Individuals have already snapped but in isolated cases (calling for overthrow, impeachment), the weaker willed are snapping and overloaded. Unfortunately they receive all the publicity, still a minor decimal place part of the population.

Not liking something, or someone, differs from violent action. Three or four more months of relentless negative press, half-truths or outright lies and inflammatory talk, combined with heat, tight springs and shorter fuses, there will be an action that causes an unexpected reaction that will be a very hard truth that tolerance for the current violent and illegal actions are no longer tolerated.

I know I will never watch certain movies with specific actors or listen to music by people who have gone beyond voicing opinions, my tolerance is gone in that regard. The protesting, seen it before, sat on a brick wall and watched the protest matches in the 60s, different decade now, different protest subjects, but looks similar, the B’s will continue to fly until something bad happens, then everyone wakes up, or they don’t. Just my opinion. All news site are taking sides, except maybe Reuters.

BS not B’s

Armies move in the spring…

We’re so far removed from these anarchists that it feels like news from another country. I know there are people living in the nearest town that are somewhat liberal, but they would never riot like this for stupid reasons. If SHTF, all bets are off for everyone. This rioting garbage just makes me feel fortunate for being armed, secure, and prepared.

I do worry about the country and the future of my children, but I’m optimistic we will fare better than most. As for this post, the Fake News is ridiculous. I have so many family members who are just so uninformed. They don’t understand the electoral college, petro-dollar or how the world even works.

My father used to say; “The wise old owl keeps his eyes open and his mouth shut”.
He also said: “Remember de golden rule- he who got de gold make de rule”.
The older I get the wiser my father was.

The ‘truth’ of the divides in the country is that the people we incorrectly call Indians, lost their civilizations to people incorrectly claiming to be Christians.

Africa was virtually emptied to tend and care without pay for the lands taken by force from its original inhabitants by the aforementioned Christians. White people are incapable of admitting this happened and make proper apologizes and reparations. Blacks and Native Americans wouldn’t accept it even if they did make restitution. The bottom line is the Whites are determined to stay on top, everyone else wants the White’s eradicated(dead)to the last man, woman, and child.

That is the truth, there is no escaping it. There are two forces at work in this country, and one must absolutely be torn asunder.

@ taxed

You said that reparations wouldn’t be accepted:
In my own Frank Opinion you haven’t factored in that every month some people accept preloaded welfare debit cards, snap (food stamp) cards, and free section 8 housing and utilities.

I haven’t seen these things being burned and looted on TV in protest of our forefathers sins; only Quick Trips, Liquor Stores and even Dollar general stores.????

When I think of what forefathers are, I think of the people that built this country. Not “4 fathers”; how many “Baby Daddies” it takes to not have to work my whole life.

Can you give me a few facts to back up your statements? Like how many slaves were brought to the USA and how many blacks were in Africa at the time? It would seem to me that the blacks living in this country are doing much better that the blacks living anywhere on the African continent or Jamaica or Hattie so it seems the “white man ” didn’t do too bad with them. I am Irish and the English had Irish slaves for century’s as did the Romans. There have been slave of all colors back to the beginning of time and it still goes on today in middle east country’s,china and India. As for the native american’s well that is a different story. They may deserve to have the US government do something for them though they did take members of other tribes and whites as slaves also.

Hey, how far back do you think this reparations thing goes? Can I petition the English gov’t for reparations? How about China? Or Russia? France? Germany? Or someone somewhere in the middle east who tried to enslave my ancestors a thousand years ago and got kicked out of Europe for it?

Seriously, anyone who wants to hold a child responsible for the actions of parents had better decide if HE wants to be held responsible for the actions of his parents (or ancestors). Or if he wants his children held responsible for his actions. If he is convicted of a crime, would he turn his children over to be incarcerated in his place?

I didn’t think so.

Since I read taxed/poverty’s statement I have decided to use that social strategy.

Monday morning I am going to the local family owned car dealership, and demand that they give me a new truck for free! Because when I was in grade school, their grandpa shot me in the eye with a spit wad!

I think has left me emotional scarred for life! Yep. Gimme a free truck.

You know, I am pretty liberal, but I don’t think it about reparations. I would have to agree with a majority of the others’ replies since “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.” Do people really need “white” people to pay with their lives? Is that the ultimate goal?

I mean, I would have to say that personally, I think equaling the playing field for people is the bottom line of my politics. I hate that some people are entitled, while others admit that gaps in equality even exist. Can we seriously not meet somewhere in the middle? In fact, since this post is about “truth” can we all maybe realize that truth is not always about fact, it can be about perspective too. Don’t get me wrong, that can only go so far. There are outright lies. However, until we at least try to stand in another’s shoes, can we ever really know what life was like for them?

My mom used to tell me that rich people would never get the way “we lived”. We didn’t live horribly. I had food and clothes, but my mom struggled. Some people don’t know that struggle. Just like some people who are born into families who get entitlements/benefits don’t know what the struggle to live a homesteading life is. I don’t think we all want much different things in the end, though I do agree that some people are not willing to work to get them and others are willing to work, but truly don’t care if their “neighbor” makes it or dies.

Let’s come together, not get more divided.

We are all being played like pieces on a chess board and we’re the pawns.

What’s up is down, what’s right is wrong, who or what to believe, misinformation and confusion is their best weapon.

It will get worse before it gets better.

Adapt and Overcome.

A Free Press is equally free to print the truth or ignore it. One must have the discernment to read between the lines. One must also have the time to view several different information sources to glean the nuggets of truth from the debris of useless information. Having arms, supplies, training, and tribe are necessary. Having the current, correct information is crucial. Blessings on one and all. Stay safe.

I would say “the truth hurts” I think that is what it means.
Fear from the truth creates anger. Think about that.

Your son/daughter comes home and has shocking true news for you.You have a hard time dealing with their truth… you could have fear. Or, it could hurt your beliefs…Anger, pain, fear.
The truth hurts.

“It is hard to convince people that truth is the authority when they have been taught that authority is the truth.”

Cause and effect (my opinion): It’s the moral decay of America and the distancing from individual responsibility coupled with the erosion of the family unit. And the Cause is further amplified by the “Information Warfare” machine that exists today….network TV, cable TV, satellite TV and the Internet (drifting from the truth). The effect is what is witnessed by the UC Berkley(?) and NY University violence. Much of the turmoil is financed by the left (Marxist/Leninist) organizations (like the Democrat Party, the Clintons and others) and those Marxist/Leninist individuals like George Soros a well known leftist.

It is, what it is.

For years I just disagreed with most of what the “left” believes… but not all. I would say I’m a fiscal conservative and a social liberal… I believe people should find their “TRUTH” in whatever ways make them happiest… as long as it doesn’t stop others from finding their truth in other ways. It’s a free country… right?

Now I’m finding that I’m actually starting to get ANGRY with the left… and that worries me a little. We are becoming more polarized by the day… throw in emotion and things start to become fanatical. Are we headed for another civil war? I don’t know… but it sure seems that the sides are forming a lot more solidly… “open” minds are getting harder to find. Compromise has become a lost cause???

TRUTH is a hard thing to prove outside of math. Its,what a person has experienced and been exposed to over their lives… and this can be REAL for each person (truth?) but totally different… especially religion and politics. Truth for me is what I experience in my home, on my property, among my family… and everything else outside of that is suspect… news and “information” most of all. Propaganda is rampant… and I honestly don’t have a formula for distinguishing truth… and even if I did… it would be “my truth”… not necessarily my neighbor’s.

Frustration has become a daily emotion these last few years…

There has been some great conversation about this general subject. Good job everyone!

Of course none of us have absolute answers, however what you’ve said above all has merit.

I do believe that there are many more today who are emotionally driven (many societal factors having led to this) which itself is dangerous in a variety of ways.

There is plenty of blame to go around, however my takeaway from this is more motivation to keep on prepping. When there is little middle ground as most people are herded to one of two distinct sides, coupled with highly charged emotional thought as opposed to rational thought…will lead to nowhere good.

Now add in the fact that we’re all living in a financial house-of-cards, and the wind is blowing…

For they exchanged the truth of God for a lie….

I think it was Benjamin Franklin who said:

“If you don’t read the papers, you will be un-informed;

If you do read them, you will be mis-informed. ”

Freedom does have it’s own set of problems.

Mark Twain

According to the definition truth can be in accordance with fact or reality.
(The truth is, gravity affects us all). But in the context of (belief that is accepted as true), then it becomes something else. One person’s truth is another’s lie. That’s why so much disagreement.

I try to observe current events with clear glasses on. Except when I drink they get rosy and I love everyone.

Cocktails anyone?


1984 and Brave New World should still be required reading at least in college. I have a feeling it isn’t. Not many would even comprehend. People, the powers behind the dissolution of real love and morality in all the world cannot be spoken of here.

Did you see that 1984 is coming out as a Broadway play soon???

Shep, really, interesting to see how they will interpret it. Broadway-New York they surely would be offended if it hits home.

I tend towards the right on most issues however climate change is happening and I wish the right were more supportive on the issue. I like Fox but they are not much help in this area. Perhaps if Trump really starts to take a look at Mar A Lago he might see the reality. If he wants his heirs to continue enjoying the lush estate he is going to have to pay attention to the rising oceans. Miami is already putting pumps in the infrastructure and this is only going to be effective appox 50 years.

you’ve got to be kidding!? climate change is happening??? of course climate change is happening!!! duh. climate change has been happening since the beginning of time. it is only now that the evil left have thought to use climate change to take away your freedom by using it as an excuse to install marxism. duh.

If you look at temperatures from the entire history of the planet, we’re in a severe cooling trend. If you look only at the last few thousand years, we’re just coming out of a mini ice-age and haven’t yet reached the level of the last severe heat wave. There may be effects from toxins, CO2 and so on, but honestly we don’t have enough data yet to make a determination. Scientists have looked at millions of years worth of data to come to their conclusions, and we’ve had less than 200 with any real manmade effects. At this point it just looks like another rise and fall cycle like hundreds of others throughout history. If it follows the trend, at some point (likely hundreds of years in the future) the temperature will suddenly drop off and we’ll be into another ice age.

In the the last warming trend global temperatures peaked at about 5 degrees above what they are now, then abruptly plunged into an ice age which we’re just coming out of.

In addition to your story, here’s one that just published today,

Exposed: How world leaders were duped into investing billions over manipulated global warming data

Sorry to say many of my family members and ex-friends consistently lie and ignore the truth. I had to end friendships, and distance myself from them because it got ugly. For an example, my BIL stated he would kill anyone in a uniform because he believes in the left-wing lies. Logic is too abstract for them to comprehend with too many emotions controlling their thoughts and they’d rather stay in their mob of darkness. Bitter people end up eating dirt and don’t live that long.

I am minding my own business these days and will continue preparing. I find joy with my dogs and beautiful surroundings, and find it an adventure to challenges like what I had this winter. I count my blessings given by God, and I will make it through and I pray for all of you here.

StarDust, keep standing firm.

The ages old battle. Truth takes authority from man, and gives it to God. Marxism takes authority (per se), from God, and gives it to man. History records which enjoys more prosperity. President Eisenwower’s profundity is often overlooked. His addition of the words “under God ” to our pledge of allegiance, and our willingness to abide by those words, ensures the perpetuity of that shining city on a hill.

What was once good is now evil, and what was evil is now good. Truth and goodness are now the enemy, and Satan is using the ignorant leftists to push his agenda. Vilifying what is the truth and good, and promoting logicless (is that a word?)to destroy people, our society and even the loss of souls who will go down not even fathoming or understanding that they were led down the wrong path. Thinking that social justice and equality means accepting and promoting the perversions all around us. I worry about where this is taking our society.

One of the best posts yet – I think I have said that here before. Anyway, there is so much to learn. I would have to agree that emotions outweighing logic can be a problem. I learned this as I worked hard to get to know myself better and become mentally stronger. Am I still an emotional person? Absolutely, and I would not change that for the world – it is those emotions that make me a good wife, friend, aunt, and community member. But I do work hard to think logically too. However, I see some problems here. The first is that there is not just one type of logic. People on both sides feel that their logic is the right kind. But I think there is something we can all learn from one another. Second, while we talk about logic and emotions, we forget another – intuition. This is our oldest, most wise tool. It equates to our “gut” feeling. I feel that spiritual and some religious people tend to trust their intuition more than most. For instance, my gut has been telling me for 3 years that something ugly is coming, and I started to act accordingly. My gut also tells me that any policy that leaves people hungry, not even giving them the ability to work for their keep, is a bad policy. I know, call me bleeding heart. I just thought it would be worth mentioning to a group that has a fair amount of religious/spiritual folks, logic and emotions are not the only tools at our fingertips.

So much to think about with all of your posts! Loved this article and all of your musings on the subject. As for me, I stand on a Rock that cannot be moved. Truth really does come from God, and He shows it to us if we seek it. I’ve been frustrated this year, too, and have seen many people deceived by something that sounds good.I think we’re going to see more and more truth mixed with lies. We’ve been warned in the Good Book that this will happen. All the more to stay close to the One and Only.

That is a great, great cartoon!